Commercial Grade Kitchen Aid Mixers

kitchenaid-standmixer  An investment in commercial grade kitchen aid mixers is one that is likely to provide a great return for years or even decades in the future. While restaurants and other commercial food establishments purchase these, some home cooks also decide to buy them because they can perform so many functions and hold up reliably for generations. Learn more about the options and performance available.

Commercial Grade Kitchen Aid Mixers

One good example of a commercial mixer from this company is the 8-quart stand mixer. It is this legendary company’s most durable, reliable, and powerful mixer. Consider some features of this high-performance kitchen machine:

  • The bowl list raises the bowl to provide a stable mixing platform and lowers the bowl to make it easy to remove the bowl.
  • The motor can drive mixing with 1.3 HP which makes it run very quietly and cooler than normal mixers.
  • The capacity of this mixer is 8 quarts.
  • The mixers has 10 different speeds to choose from.

The mixer also comes with the ability to perform a full range of commercial activities. It can knead very large amounts of dough for bread or pizza and stiff cookie does. Of course, on another setting these commercial grade Kitchen Aid mixers can also beat egg whites just perfectly.

Imagine having a mixer that can hold 14 cups of any sort of flour. This is enough dough to knead over 8 typical loaves of break or mix cookie batter for 13 dozen cookies! The unique “planetary” action lets each attachment to spin independently of the others for very thorough mixing.

Machine has been certifiedKitchenaid-Mixer-Repair

The machine has been certified for use in commercial kitchens by the NSF, or National Sanitation Foundation. It also comes with a very handy electronic speed sensor, and this makes sure that the machine maintains the right speed if the load is heavy or light. It won’t slow down under a heavy load like typical mixers will.

This machine is also very flexible as the attachment hub will accept all KitchenAid attachments. This is true if they are sold as commercial or residential attachments. That means that one convenient machine can replace dozens of others, so it saves space on the counter.

How Are These Commercial Grade Mixers Made?

This is no cheap piece of plastic. Every machine is formed out of rugged, die-cast zinc. This means that it is sturdy enough to support the power. Some other mixers might be powerful, but they aren’t strong enough to hold up. This is not a problem with this commercial-grade cooking equipment.

Safety Features

The device comes already packaged with speed control for safety. This helps minimize the risk of turning on the machine by accident when cleaning it. Even though this machine is very powerful, it should be very safe to use.

What Comes With This Commercial Mixer By KitchenAid?

img53cThe machine can be expanded by buying additional attachments. However, it comes with a lot of features right out of the box. Consider these included extras:

  • Bowl: It has an 8-quart bowl made out of stainless steel included.
  • Attachments: Elliptical whip, flat beater, and dough hook.

The “Powerknead” dough hook is shaped in a spiral, and it can hold up under tough dough, including yeast dough. The wire whip contains more tines than an average whip, and this helps ensure the wire whip will create maximum volume when used to whip egg whites and whipping cream.

The mixer also has a commercial-grade handle to make it easy to use and keep stored. All knobs are also very strong, heavy, and made out of metal. The electric cord is 6-feet long and quite thick and durable. For convenience, the bowl is safe for dishwashers. Best yet, it is all made in the United States!

About KitchenAid

This company introduced its first stand mixer in 1919. It introduced its first dishwasher in 1949.

With almost a century of history and experience behind it, this company continues to maintain its reputation by stick ing to the tradition of producing quality products that provide a excellent value.

It might be that a KitchenAid product isn’t the cheapest one on the market, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value in terms of performance and durability. An appliance is no bargain if it burns out in a year or two and you have to replace it.

The company also has a commitment to top-notch customer service. Yet another reason to buy from them.

Who Buys Commercial Grande Mixers From Kitchen Aid?

Of course, these heavy-duty mixers can be found in all sorts of restaurants and other commercial kitchens. These busy places need to have reliable machines that hold up under a big workload and lots of stress, and that’s why they come back to this company.

Of course, the versatility of the machine makes them a good investment because it might replace several other machines. With the right attachments, these mixers can also do jobs that are normally done by blenders, food processors, grinders, and more.

Commercial Mixers For Household Use

A surprising number of these commercial machines end up in residential kitchens. Yes, they cost more than typical household mixers, but most home cooks will say that cheaper machines have to be replaced every few years and really don’t perform all of the functions that well.

Some home cooks prefer to invest in a really good machine that will hold up enough long enough to get passed on to the next generation and provide great performance every day.

In some cases, spending more for a commercial quality mixer is a very budget-friendly decision.

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